i've lost ten pounds in a month. i noticed over the weekend that my smallest jeans were looking kinda baggy and they never have before. i got on the scale today and i guess now i know why.

the past couple weeks my stomach has been upset. almost constantly nauseous. and now, for the past 3 days along with the nausea i'm having severe cramping..like an ulcer pain. i get woken up hour after hour all night from the pain so i'm exhausted all the time too. actually, at this exact moment, i'm feeling ok. i have an appointment with a gastroenterologist tomorrow. knowing my luck, all my symptoms will be gone and i'll be feeling normal again before my appointment.

either way, i'm tired of these new stomach problems. i'm not sure why they are happening all of a sudden but i'm ready for it to be over!


december 12, 2012

this is the first time i have written out this date. which is sort of weird. 12.12.12....

anyway, on december 12th, i felt normal. like myself. for the first time in close to a year. it was the first day i didn't want to die. it was the first day that i laughed authentically (more than once). it was the first day that i just felt like me again.

and weird, it's been two weeks exactly since that date.

and as an update, i have still not thought about wanting to die. i am still laughing and enjoying myself as much as possible. and i am still feeling like myself.

things are still not perfect and i'm still confused and feeling lost about some things, but for the most part i feel good. and i'm moving forward. and that is what's important.

i have completely revamped my diet again. back to the no wheat/gluten/sugar thing. actually this weekend i've been having some weird stomach pains that feel like an ulcer so i've been eating plain bread and crackers because i feel like shit. so i'm hoping that will not fuck up my mood like it has in the past.

i've been pretty diligent about taking my iron and vitamin d. forgot the past couple days because i was out of town for xmas but i will get back on that tomorrow.

this is a boring post but i feel it's also important to keep track of where i am at and what i'm feeling at different times.



so i have still been researching dealing with bipolar naturally. studies recommend taking between 3-10 grams of EPA per day to lift depression. EPA is usually found only in fish oil which i will not take. i found some vegan EPA online and it of course only comes in mg. but the highest i found was 600mg which means i would have to take 5 pills to get to 3 grams and a bottle of 30 pills cost $30 so i'm looking at spending $150 a month?!! fuck, did i do the math right? i cant afford that....


i could relate

"without manic highs, the depression was unrelenting, almost paralyzing. i holed up in my office, working but not productive. there was no joy or laughter in my life. i wanted a divorce, since my husband was always "impossible" from my depressed perspective. simple tasks, like changing a lightbulb, took three weeks. i avoided friends who required too much energy. as the months dragged on, suicide entered my thoughts for the first time."


I am waking up today feeling better than I have in months. Not depressed, not manic, just the normal me.

I got 7ish hours of sleep which isn't great, but it's better than 3.

I got to see the most amazing, soulfull, beautiful musicians last night than send the most positive messages.

And tony and I decided I was going to beat this disorder naturally. Which means making a whole lot of changes. But this time I'm excited, not scared. I feel hopeful and encouraged. And I have the best support team I could ask for.

I can do this.

My life depends on it.


Your attitude towards mood swings is the most important

Everything in our world is bipolar: we have nights and days, sun and rain, mountains and valeys, winters and summers, oceans and deserts, men and women, good and evil, wars and peace, angels and demons, plus and minus is everywhere. Opposites are normal part of our world, we should accept that fact and learn how to attain balance within. We should learn how to accept all parts of ourselves, without judging, blaming ourselves, with unconditional love and respect.


i am currently being faced with a difficult situation.

i was put on a mood stabilizer for my bipolar last tuesday. i have hated it. i got my dose changed after 3 days. it didn't make much better. i got every bad side effect you could get, with non of the "perks". last night (technically, this morning) i slept 3 whole hours. this is the only MS that does not make you gain weight.

i went back today to talk about my options. she gave me 3. all 3 make you gain weight (after doing some research, some say 30 lbs!!!). honestly i didn't like any of my options but i am also sick of feeling like shit. i started to get an anxiety attack and i finally said fine, you tell me the best one. she gave me an rx and i got it filled. while waiting i looked up the pros and cons. now i realize everyone is different but this one has some pretty serious cons.

part of me wants to just find a med that will "fix me" (is that even possible?) but the other part of me wants nothing to do with medicine. on top of that, doctor appointments are costing me $60/week of money that i dont even have.

cant i just wake up tomorrow and feel like my old self??


most difficult weekend ever.
just have to make it thru one more week and then i can get help.


Stupid stupid stupid


sometimes i hate myself

i have been constantly trying to remind myself that not everyone is ok with being open and honest. that just because i am being open it doesn't mean they will be open back.

unfortunately right now that just feels like rejection.

basically i thought i had a new friend and i'm sure i opened up a little too much (or at least felt like i could open up) and now they are ignoring me.

an old friend of mine confirmed that men and women cant usually be friends with one another because there is always someone having feelings for someone else. which sort of sounds ridiculous because we are fucking adults. but he says "we're all just electricity and wires and shit and hardly ever actually in control". i get it, but knowing that hurts.

plus i have another friend who seems to be avoiding me as well.

and today at work a lady said something really nasty about my hair, in regards to me doing my job. which is stupid as fuck because i'm a HAIR STYLIST so i can have whatever kind of hair i want. i just feel really judged and that feeling is the worst thing in the world for me. i cant shake it for some reason. i have never felt judged at work before (i mean, by my coworkers maybe but never my clients). it has always been my sort of "safe place" and now i dont have that anymore. which may be why i cant drop it.



i wish i could find a video for this but no such luck. this is one of the sweetest scenes in a movie, ever.

  • Sam #2: Okay, what're we feeling, red or white?
  • Annie: Sam.
  • Sam #2: Hmm.
  • Annie: We need to talk.
  • Sam #2: (chuckles) Uh, you mean the talk where you tell me how great I am, uh, but you can't get involved and it's not me it's you and you're damaged and you wish you could and (cough) (huck)...I refuse to have that talk. Now would you like red or would you like white?
  • Annie: Sam...look, I...I'm not good for you.
  • Sam #2: (stares)
  • Annie: What?
  • Sam #2: Are you happy?
  • Annie: No I'm not happy.
  • Sam #2: I could make you happy.
  • Annie: (sighs)
  • Sam #2: Seriously, let me love you. I am totally up to the task. Actually, I've already started.
  • Annie: (gets up to leave) I can't, I can't...
  • Sam #2: No no no no no, come on, don't walk out on this before we've even started, please.
  • Sam #2: Look at me. I get it, okay. I get it. I'm not the guy you had in mind. But what if you don't know what's best for you?
  • Annie: And you do?
  • Sam #2: I believe I do.
  • Annie: Where did you come from Sam #2?
  • Sam #2: West Chester
  • Annie: (laughs)
  • Sam #2: Do you want to know why I hang out on the fifth floor? The first time I saw you...God, I thought, "Wow, her...the girl with the funny head wrap. I wanna be near that girl." Trust me, I don't normally talk this way, but I am gone over you.
  • Annie: Stop. Okay, shut the fuck up.
  • Sam #2: Why, why?
  • Annie: Just stop, please just stop, don't say that.
  • Sam #2: You can hear this... Close your eyes.
  • Annie: What?
  • Sam #2: I just want you to listen to me. Humor me please.
  • Annie: (pauses and then with a sigh, closes her eyes)
  • Sam #2: It's not easy to be adored, you in particular, you have a tougher time with it than most, I get that, but I want you to give it a try. Think of it as an experiment. I promise I will be very wonderful at adoring you Annie. It's an area where I think I've got a great deal of talent. You're worth the adoration Annie, you're worth it..and the fact that you don't believe it has nothing to do with whether it's true or not. It's true for me and that's all that matters.



just because i am willing to open up and be honest and forward doesn't mean that:

1. everyone/anyone will want to hear what i have to say.
2. i wont get rejected.

opening up means the chance of getting rejected. that doesn't make it wrong for me to open up, as long as i am being love. if i am putting myself out there and being the best i can be, that is not wrong.
i cried for over an hour straight yesterday. from the time i left work, all the way home, for quite some time after i got home. for weeks i have been depressed. for months, my bipolar has been out of control. there has been a lot of new things happen and without getting too much into it, i have been feeling lost. and like i'm on a roller coaster.

i decided two days ago that i was going to stop feeling sorry for myself. because that is what i've been doing lately. which makes me feel horrible. so i've been getting up in the morning and starting my old routine: study, yoga, life. there are other things i will do eventually but so far this is all i can handle. study for a half hour, yoga for a half hour. i had a long talk with tony last night about the guilt i feel because i am bipolar and have anxiety. like i am not good enough for him and like i put him through things that he doesn't need to go through because i cannot control my mind. but i did this before without medication and i will do it again. i have to. because i cant keep thinking about how i'd rather die than live.

which means i need to start taking care of myself. reminding myself that i am worthy of love and affection.

HOW THE FUCK am i almost 33 years old and still feeling like this? that is over FIFTEEN YEARS and hurt, confusion, and unhappiness. i let myself be miserable for way too long.

but it is what it is, and nothing worth having is easy. so that means i need to work. constantly. all the time. but it also means that i need to give myself space to just feel things. in the past i have gotten burnt out by keeping everything so fucking positive and making sure every day was a good day no matter what. but guess what? some days aren't going to be good and that is OK. i have to have bad days sometimes to have growth. as long as i stay on the correct path i will be ok. i have to relearn to get out of my own mind which is one of the hardest things for someone that has anxiety to do. because my mind is always going in all sorts of different directions.

now if you'll excuse me, i've got some work to do. :)


At the flip of a switch…

I will be good, all day, chillin’ and happy and getting back on track and feeling good. The smallest thing like a photo, or comment, and I’m feeling sad and sorry for myself.
Why are there certain people I obsess over? It’s getting old and I don’t know why my brain is being a creep. I either obsess over how great someone is or how much I wish I could be like someone or how much time I want to spend with someone or why isn’t this person writing me back or why does this person not want to be my friend anymore. Its coming more and more obvious that the “lone ranger” I once was is starting to crave some attention. I’m getting lonely so the first person that comes along I need need NEED. Or the people I used to hang out with all the time I am super jealous of for the dumbest shit.
Stop it! Let it go! People are busy. Just like you are sometimes. Give people space. Give yourself space. There is nothing wrong with you just fucking chill.the.fuck.out.

today is the day

i have decided i need to start taking care of myself. i need to nurture and love myself. i have neglected myself for much too long and because of it, i am depressed and worn out.

i will start slow. a small study session in the morning followed by a short yoga session. my wrist will be strong, my mind will absorb and i will dig myself out of the hole i have been in.

i am scared to leave some of my thoughts behind, even though they have done nothing for me. but i have the choice now. do i want to be depressed and sad and miserable? or do i want to be happy and charming and fun? i'll go with the latter.


dear universe

please make my last week at work easy and uncomplicated.

please give me strength to focus on myself and my clients.

please let my move and all the preparation go smoothly.

as soon as i'm done with all this bullshit and all this stress from work and moving and everything, i'm getting back in a routine that makes ME happy. no more fucking excuses. 

i've got a lot of work to do.


this has been a difficult year

i had a horrible dream last night.
it was on going and no matter where i was in the dream, it was very negative and mean.
i had people at work being very mean to me. i had my family being extremely rude. judgmental. purposely doing and saying things to hurt me.
i ended up at a friends wedding where my dad was saying rude things about my friends getting married. and then my brother telling me horrible things.
i felt like i wanted to die. or kill someone.
then i woke up to my upstairs neighbors alarm going off. for five fucking minutes.
what a way to start the day. ugh.

the good news of this week is we signed on our new house yesterday. only 6 more weeks of apartment living and we are good to go. i can not wait. i wish that i had time and money to go on a getaway, because that is what i desperately need right now.

i hate feeling this frustrated and depressed. especially in times where i should be so happy and excited.

i need a fresh start.

a chance to breathe again a chance for a fresh start...


house update

i'm not really in the mood to write but i feel like it's important to keep track of big things that happen in life.

today we had an inspection done on our new house.
yes, i said it.
it's a short sale so there is lots of waiting and shit to go through, but i am confident and have full faith that everything is perfect with this one.
after all, it is the original house we put an offer on and didn't get. a couple months later the old buyer fell thru and now we have it.
and that is huge my friends. because this house is perfect.

the inspection took about three hours and towards the end of it i was sleepy and laying in the sunroom on the couch. it was raining and so so calming. i can already tell that is the room i'll be spending the most time in.

there is a possibility we will have to move twice (because of how our house is almost done with the paperwork and we are just starting it on the new house) but i am going to put it out in the universe that the timing will be perfect and our key exchange and move in date will be july 31st.

either way, the inspection went great and there were no big problems with the house so we move forward!


A small lesson

Yesterday at the gym I upped my run/walk time to 5/1 instead of 4/1. It was a bitch. Several times I wanted to stop and give up. I even considered just leaving the gym! Towards the end it got so difficult.
Today I was dreading going to the gym because I was doing the same routine as yesterday. How the hell am I supposed to get thru that again?!
I surprised myself by making thru it just fine, having no problems whatsoever.

So remember, just because something seems difficult one day, doesn't mean it will feel like that the next. Keep pushing thru the discomfort.


Positive thoughts

Small snag in the house plan. Would appreciate all the positive thoughts and vibes you can send. I will continue to breathe and know that everything will work itself out in the end.



It's interesting how different you can look in pictures when you are not happy compared to feeling pure bliss.

It's hard to see these things but it is necessary.


My point earlier

Was that I feel disconnected and alone. I want to change that, I do.

In fact, I want to feel the way I felt a couple years ago when I was focusing my attention on myself instead of others. Where I learned about myself and bettered myself. Where I felt good about being me.

I need that feeling back.

Which means I have alot of work to do.

forced to be alone with my thoughts.

the harsh reality is that i dont have any friends.
not any true, real friends anyway.
normally i am great with just being alone. most things that i enjoy doing, i've found, i prefer to do alone. i think i wrote in a previous blog that i really wanted a buddy to do all these things with, like exercise and shop etc. truth be told, when i work out i dont want to think about entertaining the person next to me or worry about the stupid faces i make.
and when it comes to shopping, i have a very specific way i like to shop. either we are shopping for you, or we are shopping for me. for some reason i cant split up my time between the two of us. besides, it usually ends up being more one sided (ie we shop for you when i need to be shopping for me).
i'm not talking about the wandering-the-stores thing i like to do alone. i'm talking about the there-is-an-item-i-need-do-you-want-to-come-with-me? that is what ends up being the time where the other wants to shop too and i'm just not in the mood to be in a mall or other shopping area for six hours.
some days i like to wander (which i like to do alone) and some days i like to get in and out. and yes, it would be nice to get a second opinion. but really, what do i care what someone else thinks? i will get what i like regardless.

wow. i just went on a tangent.

anyway, the rest of my list:

a share your secrets buddy.
a music buddy.
a photo buddy.
a crafting buddy.

i think i could be ok with a buddy that did those things with me.

i think part of my "problem" (for lack of a better word) is that i really do value communication. i am not one to talk just to fill empty space or to hear my own voice. part of that is because small talk is nonsense. (or maybe i dont know how to let loose and just have fun) and part of it is because of my job. i literally do small talk all day long. sure, i have a few clients that talk about things more of interest than the weather. but for the most part its nonsense jibber jabber. i dont mind it quiet when i work. i can focus more. but my favorite conversations with my clients are about their travels, the likes and dislikes, books and music, nutrition, etc. i want to know about them and not just the "i'm married and have 2 kids and a white picket fence". and that goes with everyone i encounter. lets talk. lets talk about what you like and what i like and lets hope there is a common ground there somewhere. lets talk about what you think i dont want to talk about, and i can almost guarantee i'll be interested.

sometimes when i see someone i haven't seen in a while i just love to hear about all the things they have been doing. tell me about a bike ride adventure you took last week. tell me about the cool building downtown you found. or the band you saw last night. about your job that you love/hate. i love to learn about PEOPLE.

wow this is really off topic.

my original issue right now is i'm bored. normally on my day off i have doctors appointments, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, etc to do. so much that i cant even sit down for a second. today i have nothing. i drove down the street to see the doc about my toe and that appointment was about 2 minutes and the drive was about the same. SO NOW WHAT?!?! i have no one to call. no one to hang out with.
shit, i deleted my facebook page weeks ago and no one has even noticed. how stupid. relying on fb to provide some sort of security. when all it ever does is give me a feeling of shit. no one ever cares about anything i write on there.

ok. i'm done.


aint no party like a time lord party

shits crazy up in here.
put an offer on our dream house yesterday.

it's beautiful and perfect and i'm so excited.
but exhausted.

got an offer on our house a couple weeks ago too. everything is moving along just fine..

i've been having stomach problems like whoa. for 2 weeks. partially cuz i dont have the time/energy to cook. partially cuz i'm stressed. partially cuz i am 3 weeks overdue for a colonic. friday!!!

i've been paying off my billz and saving money like crazy and living off nothing. only a few more months to go..then i probably have to start all over cuz of needing things for the new house!!!

craving a tattoo session but that wont happen for a long time.

driving to toronto in april to see ben howard! so stoked about this. show just sold out! wish we could relax and stay longer but work calls.

i guess that's it! send positive vibes to the universe about our new house!!!


too much going on

i could use a vacation with t.
somewhere on a beach.
somewhere there is lots of yummy vegan food.
somewhere cheap.
somewhere warm!

i am currently "recovering" from minor toe surgery. both feet. last week i got my right foot. yesterday i got my left. righty was REAL sore yesterday. lefty is still, weirdly enough, numb-ish today.

i luckily (minus that my paycheck will be low) dont have anyone at work until 545 today and it is two back to back cuts so i am leaving right after i'm done.

i had to buy sandals yesterday from target that are open toe and easy to get on. thankfully they put out summer stuff in the middle of winter!!!

house is officially on the market. our realtors came over yesterday and met with us to sign the papers. i have a good feeling now. like this is meant to happen. like we are meant to find our new home NOW instead of later. granted we have months of hassle to go through because we are doing a short sale but at least we know what we are getting into. i just have to remember to take each day as it is, to remember to breathe, and to have some faith that everything will work itself out.

i need to remember to buy a little safe. asap!!!
so much to be done!



how do they days change so much? things on sunday seemed so good and positive and i was turning stuff around. now today they feel like shit.
first things first-i did not get pre-approved for a mortgage.
because of this i feel a little defeated.
i have been forced to ask my parents to co-sign.
i dont like asking for help.
again, i feel defeated.

since i found that out, i feel like it's just been a domino effect of bullshit that i cannot deal with and i'm stressing like crazy.


i wish i had a buddy

a workout buddy.
a share your secrets buddy.
a shopping buddy.
a music buddy.
a photo buddy.
a crafting buddy.

dont get me wrong-tony is g.r.e.a.t. but i want a girl in my life that i can share with. someone that doesn't judge me. someone that is enough like me that we have lots in common but enough not like me that we challenge each other in a good way.

i just want a girl to connect with that wants to be FRIENDS with me.
instead of feeling used or shut out or judged.



lets try to fill a void.
get online-gap, etsy, sephora...
nothing i want.
nothing i need.
nothing i even like.
play a game.
play another game.
do an online puzzle.
check my email.
nothing is fulfilling.
3 yummy meals
still hungry.
craving ice cream from sweet earth.
too far away to get it.
took a long bath.
felt relaxed but still