on a high

went to my second yoga class today. it is such an amazing feeling to be greeted the way steve greets me. i feel like i have known him for so much longer than a few days. he's such a caring and kind person. he always has a warm smile on his face. i look at him and think that he must feel great all the time! anyway, today it was something like, i've been thinking about you! so glad you came back! and everyone hugs there. i like that. so many people are afraid of hugs.

so after class we talked a bit more about training. steve said he'd been talking to eric about me. not exactly sure what but it doesn't matter. either way he's going to try to work with me on something so i'll be able to go.

i feel like my entire life has happened in order for me to live this moment. these moments. as i live them. looking back on things my life has always had a certain flow to it. and now that i have come up with my own beliefs i know why things have been they way they've been. my life is continuing to flow. to grow and change form but still fluidly. i'm so grateful to have had such opportunities.

since my first class i've realized that it's ok to just be me. yes, i knew this before, but it's like i had an epiphany. i've been working on just feeling and reacting how i want to. it's made a world of difference at work. normally people are so crummy. i can see people feeding off of my energy. and instead of stealing it i feel like we're exchanging. there are more smiles and hellos than there normally are. it's amazing what happens when you open yourself up!