i need a haircut

it's not that it's gotten too long or anything. i just need a change. i cut my hawk off last month and now it's kind of a pixie but i just need a new style. maybe some new color. but i'm uninspired.

i'm two weeks late. i'm never late. well, once, but i was pregnant at the time. that was ten years ago. wow. so in ten years i have never been late.

on top of that i have been physically and mentally exhausted. i have no energy and my body is achy. i really need to go to the doctor because i feel like something is wrong.

today was beautiful. the sun was out and the weather was perfect. i only wish tony could have been home to spend it with me. i miss him! i dont see him on thursdays and fridays i dont see him until 9pm or so.

i feel like i have been so busy lately. my days on the floor at work i've been booked. which is awesome. i'm hoping that i get on full time soon. evaluations are right around the corner!

i guess other than that things are going good. i'm excited that it's finally feeling like spring. i wish i could go on a vacation soon! i have a lot going on in june so only two months away! i also wish i had some extra cash to do some summer clothes shopping. oh well...i guess i'll continue wearing the shit i already have...