i haven't had time to collect my thoughts.

in fact, i dont really have time right now, either.

right now i'm sitting in the living room listening to zeppelin. i dont know which thing is more uncommon...the living room internet-ing or the zeppelin. i'm glad to have wireless finally...it took a while but it's up and running. after ditching bright house completely we went with at&t wireless and no cable at all. it's been nice, really. more time to focus on important things, right?

last weekend kat and i drove almost seven hours to get to milwaukee, wisconsin. our motive was a jason mraz concert. it was one of the best weekends i've ever experienced..in so many ways. seeing jm live was more than i could have asked for, but unfortuneately left me asking for more. we checked out the bar scene, met a lot of locals, and had an all around great time. milwaukee is kind of a weird city, but i definately would consider going back. the day we left we got tattooed by greg at custom tattoo. he's really cool and laid back and likes to tell jokes. he made us comfortable and gave us both an amazing tattoo and experience. i think the only downfall of the whole trip (besides kat being scared as fuck to drive in a little snow) was the subway we stopped at for dinner on the way home. it was just north of chicago and my sandwich artist insisted that a footlong veggie sub gets six black olives, and anything more than that he'd have to charge me extra for. needless to say i'm glad i got a footlong, because it was really just all bread i had. dipshit.

a week later with my tattoo almost healed, my constant desire to listen to jm cds, and christmas around the corner, and i feel pretty damn good. looks like 29 isn't so bad after all...