and it all comes back

i finally got to the feeling like my life is in order.

up until about a week ago.

shit's been blowing up like crazy. i'm starting to dig myself back into that hole that took me sooo long to get out of. i'm having a hard time breathing and i just don't know if i can save myself this time.

i would really like to have a new perspective. and someone to whisk me away from it all.


a couple things i forgot to mention

1. i got a great promotion at work. it started august 16th. i am now a level 1 stylist. which means more money and no more assisting! finally!! i'm very proud of myself for getting to this level so quickly.

2. i made a list a long time ago (maybe in beauty school?) of things i wanted to do before i died. one of the things was sing karaoke. so yeah, i sang karaoke. it was a lot of fun! tony and tim were there, and kat was on "stage" with me. along with a girl that tim is friends with. the first song was "get low" by lil jon. i think i laughed most of the time because that song is just dirty! i have never heard it before, so i didn't know the lyrics until that night. the second song was "ice ice baby" by vanilla ice. it was pretty damn good. :)

other than those things i forgot to mention in my last post, things have been good. a few weeks ago i felt like i "woke up" and i've been a much happier person.

that is all!