house update

i'm not really in the mood to write but i feel like it's important to keep track of big things that happen in life.

today we had an inspection done on our new house.
yes, i said it.
it's a short sale so there is lots of waiting and shit to go through, but i am confident and have full faith that everything is perfect with this one.
after all, it is the original house we put an offer on and didn't get. a couple months later the old buyer fell thru and now we have it.
and that is huge my friends. because this house is perfect.

the inspection took about three hours and towards the end of it i was sleepy and laying in the sunroom on the couch. it was raining and so so calming. i can already tell that is the room i'll be spending the most time in.

there is a possibility we will have to move twice (because of how our house is almost done with the paperwork and we are just starting it on the new house) but i am going to put it out in the universe that the timing will be perfect and our key exchange and move in date will be july 31st.

either way, the inspection went great and there were no big problems with the house so we move forward!