pretty much everything sucks today.

i try very hard to stay positive and optimistic and happy. most days are easy. some are harder than others. today it's impossible.

no matter how hard i've tried things are just not going my way.

and yes, i do know that other people have it worse than i do. don't think that i don't know this.

but i did not need to deal with a certain assistant giving me shit two days in a row, when she should have just been doing her job. i did not need to deal with a certain coworker giving me A RIDICULOUS amount of shit because i called in sick wednesday. i didn't have to deal with the same person trying to talk me out of cutting or coloring my hair. (for the record, i do not understand why everyone at work seems to think i care what they think i should do with my hair. everyone has insisted on arguing with me lately (at work). i did not need to deal with a douchebag asshole at the bar talking shit about me because he is an insecure slut. i shouldn't have to deal with my finally nice looking skin breaking out (when i'm almost 30, ahem). and i definitely didn't need to deal with frogwaard dying. tony is going to be so upset. and i am not looking forward to being the one to break the news.

i just want today to be over with. i'm sick of crying, really.

birthday jitters

two weeks from today and i turn 30.

up until today i was excited for this.

today i want to go back in time.

everything changes when you get older. maybe i'm just not ready.

i can't really describe it. i just...don't like it.