it's been a fulfilling past few weeks!

i dont even know where to begin!

i always hate seeing someone you haven't seen in a long time and trying to answer the question: so what's new?

there is always sooo much to say but really, never enough time to say it. plus i always figure (maybe it's my own fears) that the person doesn't really want to hear what all is new.

anyway, i've been crazy busy and i wish i had more time to blog. but really, i think enjoying life is just as good!

i ordered a couple cds from gregory page. normally i would just order through amazon or something. i guess it's just easier i dont know. although i would rather just support the "little guy". anyway, to my surprise he added notes to both of my cds:

i like when people you support add a personal touch. it makes it feel more like a friendly exchange rather than just buying something.

also, i completely forgot to mention this before. remember when i talked about starting to work out daily? well, i did it! i worked out every day from sept 23rd to oct 23rd.

the smiley faces mean i worked out. anyway, i've still been working out daily. and i feel great and my body is changing and i'm becoming stronger and more flexible. it's incredible, really. i'm very excited and proud of myself for sticking through with this. it's been a long road, but i finally found something i love to do. i've missed a couple days here and there..but for good reason. once for a cleanse i did and i wasn't feeling good that day, and a couple days when i got tattooed. (speaking of which, i finally got my hip piece done! and it looks amazing. i will have to take a photo.) so the plan is to continue what i'm doing. minus probably saturdays. i like to work out in the morning when i wake up and i get up way too early saturday to do that. either way, working out/yoga is in my life forever and that makes me happy!

ending on a sweet note...i bought some delicious looking raspberries at the store yesterday. they were huge and probably the best berries i have ever had.

yum. anyway, i probably have way more to write but i'm getting tired because work was busy today. i've done so much lately i think tomorrow i'm just going to relax. well, after i finish some paperwork for work. :)