so. to make a really long story short, my bff (kat) went on a couple dates with this guy and he's a really douche bag asshole. he got in a car accident, really bad...was in a coma and everything. and her cousin's new step-sister was in the car too. she's ok. anyway, at first they said he was drunk, now they are saying he wasn't. anyway, he's in the hospital still and kat is super upset about the whole thing. she called off plans with me yesterday because of it. and today she told me she isn't going to cedar point with me in three weeks. i'm not quite sure what is going on but i know that sitting at home sulking and being upset is not the answer. i just feel lost and like i dont know what to do. i know i'm leaving a lot out but i'm just way too tired to write out the whole story. i dont know why kat is so upset over this. the guy was a jerk and she knows it. and her step-cousin is fine.
i've been thinking a lot lately that i dont understand people anymore. and i dont think i ever will.