"We've got to live in the world together"

.........Homer said. "And we got to care about each other."

this from the man who had to identify his brother's frozen corpse.

this story saddens me. it makes me sick to my stomach to think that people could walk next to a dead body and not do anything about it. just read the story and the followup.

what is wrong with people?

when are we going to realize that the world cannot run on hate and ignorance?

i dream too much

last nite it was about me winning a date with jason mraz. by the end of the date he was in love with me and he kissed me. *swoon*

i must have woken up (as i usually do) and fell back asleep to start another dream. my dad had a "pet" white tiger and the tiger mauled me. but i lived through it.

there were several others but nothing too exciting to report.

i'm sick of all the dreams....