yesterday tony introduced me to a new video store.

i am in love.

they have THE best selection i have ever seen in my life. anything you could ever ask for is there. i am so glad i dont have to go to family video anymore! we ended up renting '2 days in paris' and 'into the wild'. '2 days in paris' was good. the ending sort of ruined it for me though. the previews were much better than the actual movie. it was funny and highly sarcastic, but there was a lot of bickering in it and it got a little old after a while. still a decent movie. 'into the wild' has become one of my favorite movies. it was so good. everything about how that movie was made was really interesting. and then to find out that it was a true story made the movie that much better. it really made me think about things. i think it gave both me and tony a new perspective on life in general. everyone should go see it! i feel more motivated and inspired now. so hopefully i will be able to get off my ass and just DO!