lessons in dreams

i've been dreaming a lot lately. and vividly. sometimes they are nice, caring dreams. sometimes they are nightmares. and lately, they have been full of people that i went to life training with. ironic? maybe..

last night i had a dream that i was with a little boy (my nephew?) and there were other kids his age and a little older in the street playing and looking at cars. he was curious as to what was going on and wanted to play with these boys so he just walked right over! i remember trying to stop him in the dream and ask him why he was just going to walk right over without knowing a single soul! he wasn't the least bit worried about appearing "weird" to anyone by just inviting himself over to play. and there i was, aunt lisa, trying to stop him.

in real life, kids are NEVER afraid to be who they are. they do things because they want to. without a care in the world. why, when we are adults, do we lose that sense of carefree attitude?

just somethin to think about this lovely tuesday morning!