i feel like christmas came too soon. and it was over just as fast. unfortunately the snow is coming NOW (we had rain and slush for christmas). regardless, it's been a good, nice, long weekend.

we spent the day with my family on xmas eve. at my mom's in the morning and my aunt and uncle's in the evening. it was hard in the evening, with my grandpa not there. everyone felt it as well. there was a good amount of crying but i'm glad that everyone got to be there for eachother. i actually had a lot of negative things to say but i'll just bypass that. but i think i will say that i would be very ok with it just being our immediate family next year.

every year my dad gets my mom bras and underware. it's seriously tradition now and i feel like if he ever went outside of that box we could all suffer heart attacks!

note to self: get tony a buzz lightyear for christmas next year. he seemed way too into it! hah

family tradition: shots of "holy water". i believe that was the last bottle my dad had from his dad? maybe, maybe not. either way, everyone took a shot. (well, i didn't. but i never do. shit's strong!!)

hope everyone had a very lovely holiday!