so much has happened already

lately i've really been enjoying tony. more so than usual. not saying i dont normally enjoy him, but i feel so overwhelmed with love towards him. it's a wonderful feeling! he's been off work for a week and a half and we've had a lot of time to hang out. usually we dont have a whole lot of time together.

tony started/finished the bathroom project this week. there are a couple small things that need to be finished but nothing crazy. maybe i'll post photos later. i really, REALLY like the bathroom now. it was so boring and plain (all white) before. now it's fun and bright!

the other day i got a call from the co owner of yoga studio. i'd talked to eric thru email in the past (he's the owner) and steve called me the other day. so while we were talking i think i was nervous and before i know it he set up a meeting with me on friday at 8:30 am and then his class after at 9:45. i hung up the phone thinking, holy shit, i'm taking a yoga class. what the hell!?! i've been really anxious ever since. completely freaking out. i've never done anything like this before. i've always worked out in the privacy of my own home. i went to a gym once for a few months but it was all women and it was dead so there was usually like three of us there. never any more than that so you didn't worry about anyone else. this is an actual class, all right next to each other. so. nervous.

i've always had a complex with people watching me. i hate buffet's because i dont like people watching me pick what food i'm eating. even a line of food at a family function makes me nervous if people are right there. granted, that has changed a bit...but i still won't go pick out food unless tony is right there next to me. when i started doing hair i was so uncomfortable with knowing that people were watching me. i couldn't think about anything else. and of course those feelings are gone now that i know what i am doing and i am confident.

i just really hope that everything goes well, that i dont get so nervous that i shake and can't hold the poses, or fart, or don't do something properly. this is what goes through my head. i just want everything to be perfect!

in other exciting news, t and i are going to nyc! a month or so ago i found out that tim burton had an exhibit until april and i've been trying to come up with a way to go. forget all the details, we figured it out and are going! staying in a hostel (which i'm excited about) eating great vegan food! i can not wait!! we haven't been back since out honeymoon two and a half years ago. should be amazing!

here's to looking forward to 2010!! this is the year of making it happen! :)