the day has turned around

i have been having a bad day. i haven't been feeling the best physically.

and mentally i'm exhausted.

i feel hopeless and uninspired.

or i should say, felt.

this morning i was thinking about how grateful i am that i found xflowsion. it's dvd workouts that are yoga based. because of xflowsion i was able to get my ass in gear and continue to work out and feel great. and the words of the creator, eric paskel motivates me every time he talks. (even though i hear the same thing over and over!)

anyway, this morning i was thinking about it and i decided to write him an email thanking him for his words and inspiration etc etc. and i just got an email back.

i seriously feel like i'm about to have a heart attack. freaking the fuck out, really! i've just gone through a huge range of emotions and i have excitement and anxiety running through my veins.

and just so i never forget the correspondence, here is it. not for anyone but for me.

i really hope that you are the real eric paskel from xflowsion and that you can accept my thanks!

to make a long story short, i had been having some health problems for years and my diagnosis caused me to change my eating habits and change my life. a few months ago i was about to turn 30. i woke up 30 days before my birthday and i said "i need to start working out". i had changed everything in my life minus my activity level. i have always hated working out and never able to stick to anything.

so 30 days before i turned 30 i made a promise to myself to work out EVERY DAY until my birthday. and i did it because of you guys and xflowsion!

it's been over a month since and i have continued to work out at least five days a week.

i am so grateful for your strength and encouraging words.

thank you a thousand times for helping people along a path of health, wellness, and for making an amazing workout video. i can only hope there is more to come!

from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

in joy,

WOW! how wonderful... i am so happy to hear your story and would love to hear more. we are all in this together, you are not alone my friend. i will keep doing my part and you keep doing yours and together not only will we save our own asses but i am sure we will help some others as well. where do you live? i travel alot to teach and may be in an area near you and of course i would love you to come to michigan or LA where i have our Yoga Shelter studio's. check out www.yogashelter.com Our april 15th Life Training course has your name written all over it. dont let the finances be an issue if things are tight, we will help. stay in touch and tell me more. peace, EP by the way this is the real Eric Paskel HA...

i really want to find out more about this life training course. it's right before i leave for czech but i feel like it's happening when it is for a reason. and i really, really want to go.

i can't wait! thank you eric, again, for giving me some hope!!