i feel like christmas came too soon. and it was over just as fast. unfortunately the snow is coming NOW (we had rain and slush for christmas). regardless, it's been a good, nice, long weekend.

we spent the day with my family on xmas eve. at my mom's in the morning and my aunt and uncle's in the evening. it was hard in the evening, with my grandpa not there. everyone felt it as well. there was a good amount of crying but i'm glad that everyone got to be there for eachother. i actually had a lot of negative things to say but i'll just bypass that. but i think i will say that i would be very ok with it just being our immediate family next year.

every year my dad gets my mom bras and underware. it's seriously tradition now and i feel like if he ever went outside of that box we could all suffer heart attacks!

note to self: get tony a buzz lightyear for christmas next year. he seemed way too into it! hah

family tradition: shots of "holy water". i believe that was the last bottle my dad had from his dad? maybe, maybe not. either way, everyone took a shot. (well, i didn't. but i never do. shit's strong!!)

hope everyone had a very lovely holiday!


i think that paulo coelho is incredible

"we have to try to get rid of the notion of time. and when you have an intense contact of love with nature or another human being, like a spark, then you understand that there is no time and that everything is eternal."

-paulo coelho
today tony took a ton of stuff to the salvation army. not as much as last year, but close! in the pile of things was my old red luggage. that luggage has been everywhere with me. it's a little beat but still very usable. and i hope that no one minds it's an incomplete set...i figured it was time to get rid of it. a part of me has held on for it for too long.

and there will always be a piece missing.

i can't believe it's almost christmas!

once things calm down a bit i think i'm going to do a year in photos. just of things i have done, good memories and whatnot. until then, this is what i have been up to the past few weeks!

hat shopping! why it is soooo huge i will never know!

looks like dexter didn't want to be in the corner :)

the clouds were CRAZY the other night. so pretty out.

tony finished the shed. now our scooters have a nice home for the winter!

i caught shorty "standing around" yesterday. literally.

this week is going to be a busy one. probably more so than last week even. it's good, i'm not complaining, but i feel like a vacation is in order!

happy holidays!!



something i just realized:

you can't be a teacher unless someone wants to be taught.

why this took so long for me to figure out i'll never know, but i'm glad i know now.


more good

so, i have continued my communication with eric. i have decided to apply for this life training class because it sounds amazing and i feel like i am meant to do it at this point in my life. it's literally RIGHT before i leave for europe but i figure if it's meant to be, it will be...

eric has given me a new light in my heart and i'm excited to see where this all takes me.

i also just read the alchemist by paulo coelho and i feel like i'm getting signs to go ahead with everything.

i've been having amazing workouts too. i think i'm going to buck up and just start going to an actual class. probably not until january when i've got some more time to dedicate to going. it's not cheap, after all!

wish me luck!


the day has turned around

i have been having a bad day. i haven't been feeling the best physically.

and mentally i'm exhausted.

i feel hopeless and uninspired.

or i should say, felt.

this morning i was thinking about how grateful i am that i found xflowsion. it's dvd workouts that are yoga based. because of xflowsion i was able to get my ass in gear and continue to work out and feel great. and the words of the creator, eric paskel motivates me every time he talks. (even though i hear the same thing over and over!)

anyway, this morning i was thinking about it and i decided to write him an email thanking him for his words and inspiration etc etc. and i just got an email back.

i seriously feel like i'm about to have a heart attack. freaking the fuck out, really! i've just gone through a huge range of emotions and i have excitement and anxiety running through my veins.

and just so i never forget the correspondence, here is it. not for anyone but for me.

i really hope that you are the real eric paskel from xflowsion and that you can accept my thanks!

to make a long story short, i had been having some health problems for years and my diagnosis caused me to change my eating habits and change my life. a few months ago i was about to turn 30. i woke up 30 days before my birthday and i said "i need to start working out". i had changed everything in my life minus my activity level. i have always hated working out and never able to stick to anything.

so 30 days before i turned 30 i made a promise to myself to work out EVERY DAY until my birthday. and i did it because of you guys and xflowsion!

it's been over a month since and i have continued to work out at least five days a week.

i am so grateful for your strength and encouraging words.

thank you a thousand times for helping people along a path of health, wellness, and for making an amazing workout video. i can only hope there is more to come!

from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

in joy,

WOW! how wonderful... i am so happy to hear your story and would love to hear more. we are all in this together, you are not alone my friend. i will keep doing my part and you keep doing yours and together not only will we save our own asses but i am sure we will help some others as well. where do you live? i travel alot to teach and may be in an area near you and of course i would love you to come to michigan or LA where i have our Yoga Shelter studio's. check out www.yogashelter.com Our april 15th Life Training course has your name written all over it. dont let the finances be an issue if things are tight, we will help. stay in touch and tell me more. peace, EP by the way this is the real Eric Paskel HA...

i really want to find out more about this life training course. it's right before i leave for czech but i feel like it's happening when it is for a reason. and i really, really want to go.

i can't wait! thank you eric, again, for giving me some hope!!


christmas lights!

tony and i put up the tree and lights all over the house. and i wrapped all the presents this morning.

he was real excited. obviously.

the bathroom: i cannot wait to take a bath with just these lights on!
this is the blue room. we spend most of our time in here relaxing:
i looove this time of year!

see the finished tree here!


i can tell it's december...it's getting cold..

...and i'm totally and completely uninspired.

my 365 blog was helping with that for a bit, but now i feel like i'm boring. my days pretty much run together...working at the salon...doing yoga...eating...i don't have much time for anything else. things i used to enjoy don't add any warm feelings anymore. i feel lackluster. i feel tired.

i feel cold.

i usually get like this in the winter time. it didn't come as fast this year because we had warmer weather up until a week ago. i dream of being at a beach with the sun on my face. ft. lauderdale florida was 80 yesterday!

i need something to get me through this winter. it's supposed to snow tomorrow. as much as i love the first snow i just don't feel like i'm ready for it yet. it just means there is more to come. and just because i love the FIRST snow doesn't mean i love snow...

i'd really like to put the christmas tree up. listen to christmas music, wrap presents, and light cinnamon candles. hopefully i can convince tony to do this with me soon. maybe that will help cheer me up.

either way, i feel like i took a hard dive downward and i don't feel like getting up again. it's probably the worst feeling in the world.

i guess the only thing i can do is keep trying..