aint no party like a time lord party

shits crazy up in here.
put an offer on our dream house yesterday.

it's beautiful and perfect and i'm so excited.
but exhausted.

got an offer on our house a couple weeks ago too. everything is moving along just fine..

i've been having stomach problems like whoa. for 2 weeks. partially cuz i dont have the time/energy to cook. partially cuz i'm stressed. partially cuz i am 3 weeks overdue for a colonic. friday!!!

i've been paying off my billz and saving money like crazy and living off nothing. only a few more months to go..then i probably have to start all over cuz of needing things for the new house!!!

craving a tattoo session but that wont happen for a long time.

driving to toronto in april to see ben howard! so stoked about this. show just sold out! wish we could relax and stay longer but work calls.

i guess that's it! send positive vibes to the universe about our new house!!!


too much going on

i could use a vacation with t.
somewhere on a beach.
somewhere there is lots of yummy vegan food.
somewhere cheap.
somewhere warm!

i am currently "recovering" from minor toe surgery. both feet. last week i got my right foot. yesterday i got my left. righty was REAL sore yesterday. lefty is still, weirdly enough, numb-ish today.

i luckily (minus that my paycheck will be low) dont have anyone at work until 545 today and it is two back to back cuts so i am leaving right after i'm done.

i had to buy sandals yesterday from target that are open toe and easy to get on. thankfully they put out summer stuff in the middle of winter!!!

house is officially on the market. our realtors came over yesterday and met with us to sign the papers. i have a good feeling now. like this is meant to happen. like we are meant to find our new home NOW instead of later. granted we have months of hassle to go through because we are doing a short sale but at least we know what we are getting into. i just have to remember to take each day as it is, to remember to breathe, and to have some faith that everything will work itself out.

i need to remember to buy a little safe. asap!!!
so much to be done!