i've been busy

considering we're going through a recession, work has still been busy. when i'm not at work i'm crocheting two separate projects, and doing a ton of reading. i've gone through at least 3 books in two weeks and it's nice to feel that accomplishment again. things in general are making me feel good.

i decided to cut out of my cleanse early. i started the beginning of january and stopped it a couple days ago. it was a three-part cleanse and i did the first two parts, the second being a liver cleanse. considering i have gilbert's syndrome i thought it would be a good thing, but i think it just screwed with my body more! dont get me wrong, the cleanse did amazing things while i was on it. but it also was the culprit of my breaking out. when i figured that out and stopped doing it, my skin literrally started clearing up the next day.

i also just got the first session of my new tattoo done. it looks amazing already. the outline and most of the shading is done....it'd be awesome to get the whole thing done in two sessions instead of three!

all in all, things are good, and i have the next two days off work. well, tony started run lola run early so i guess that's it for now!