feeling better

i've had a lull in my personality all week. i've been super anti-social, depressed, and just not feeling good. my friend erik and i decided to trade a haircut for a reiki/chakra clearing session. i did his cut on friday, he did my reiki today.

i've had reiki before, but it was more for body aches. today i was doing it for more of a spiritual thing. i didn't really know what to expect for several reasons, and i was a little nervous because i didn't know how i would react. erik said that sometimes people can remember things from the past and start crying and all that.

anyway, to make a long story short, i really enjoyed it. during it i felt extremely relaxed. i felt a warming in certain parts of my body and a feeling that i was detached almost; that body parts we detached as well. at the beginning i kept seeing a dark image of a man's silhouette. at the end i kept seeing silhouettes of animals...one in particular being a red elephant. i wonder if that means anything? after it i felt happy. i felt like something was lifted off my chest and i could think straight. i was relaxed and just plain feeling good.

and that feeling has continued since i got done! i'm really glad i did it. and i think i'd like to do it again.

i'm also happy because i talked to aaron today and i dont have to wait until he gets off tour to get my tattoo worked on again. i was supposed to get work done in june but i'm going in for a session at the beginning of april before he leaves for tour. i kept my june appointment in case i need it later. even if it gets done during this next session i think i may keep the june appointment and either start my left hip or get my cupcakes done! can't wait!!