i have been doing pretty good of taking care of myself lately.

(minus the crappy eating since it was my birthday over the weekend)

i stepped down from my management position at work. i feel amazing since i did. like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. i have felt happier and more at ease since i "quit". i'm still going to be teaching but no more of the daily bs that i was dealing with before. i feel like i can be myself again. like i get along with people more. it's really really great!

i keep thinking things will slow down a bit but they never do. we have one of two more "relationship" classes, and next weekend i will be going out of town (traverse city) thanks to my lovie. a little r & r and some exploring will be fun! he will be up there too for iceman (bike race) but wont be staying with me. either way, it will be nice to get away for a little bit. and not have to worry about my every day duties! i need to start thinking of places i want to check out while i'm there. it's coming up quick!

next thing you know it will be thanksgiving and christmas! this year is going by hella fast..

t's birthday is next month. i have been having a hard time coming up with ideas for him because all he ever wants are really expensive things that i cant afford! today i was coming up with idea after idea! so that is exciting and i really need to get on this and get some things done! nothing worse than procrastinating!