i've got a lot to say, i've got a lot of nothin to say

honestly, i haven't been doing the best on my super strict diet lately. last week i ate a box of cookies (GF but not SF. and it's a small box!). then the next day i was craving sugar even more. i went to yoga in the morning and made it through about 10 min before i had to stop and stay in child's pose the rest of the time. my joints hurt, i felt like i couldn't support myself. it was awful. so, knowing that i'd overdone it with the sugar, but i was still craving more, i bought another box of cookies, and ate them that day.

today was the first day my body stopped hurting enough where i could make it thru a whole yoga class. i've also been feeling very grumpy, annoyed, and disconnected. i'm constantly irritated and i've been complaining like mad.

i also feel completely invisible. well, not invisible...i don't know what to call it. for the past couple days, anyone that says anything to me..lets say a client asks me a question. the second i go to answer it, i get one word out before i'm interrupted and they start talking about themselves. it has been like this with EVERYONE lately, and it's getting frustrating.

i wish there was a quick way to detox my body of everything i've been putting in it lately. i've got to start treating myself better again. i cannot continue to feel like this!

but really, other than that things are good. i got a call from bryan at YS and he said he'd like to hire me for a couple shifts a week. they are looking into working it out with my schedule so we'll see what happens. it'd be super exciting if it worked! the salon has been super busy too. everyone getting in quickly before i leave for vacation. i can't wait!!