so behind

a couple weeks ago i had a huge opportunity to go see my guru speak. he came to the yoga shelter as he is eric's guru, and i found out about him through eric. i am so grateful that i got to be in swamiji's presence. what and outstanding man. words cannot even describe how awesome it was.

last week i got a pretty decent raise at work. i have been there 4 years almost exactly. and i started out making $5.50 less than what i make now. that is more than $1/year! i would say i'm doing pretty decent. making goals and surpassing them. i've started teaching classes to the assistants/new talent stylists as well. that seems to be going good too.

my birthday was over the weekend. didn't make a big fuss of it this time around. i guess it's just not as important to me as it usually is.

i think i have discovered that i am allergic to clove oil. which sucks because i love how it smells. but ever since i stopped using it my skin cleared up (as much as it can, because honestly it gave me lots of blackheads) and i stopped getting headaches. the true test will be in a month..

ew. dexter is laying next to me and just farted...

tomorrow i will be getting a facial for the first time. i'm paying way too much money for it (esp since i can get them practically free at work) but i feel comfortable with this girl that will be doing it. i figured i would try it out...

my hair will not do what i want it to do. the color has faded to an awful color and i'm so sick of dealing with it. i hate not feeling pretty.

it has been an exhausting day..so i think i will go rest and pass out early. busy day tomorrow and the next...as the rest of the month comes to an end. this year is going by so fast, i'm sure because i've been so busy..i wouldn't mind it if the weather was crummy but it's been beautiful out. what a great fall we are having!

hoping things will slow down just a little bit!


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KL Meetup

I had a little impromptu meet and greet with Kind Lifers in the Detroit area while I was there filming Vamps. It was so nice to sit and chat with everyone. I love getting feedback about the site and learning about everyone's journey of how they got there. Kind Lifer Sheena brought naughty and yummie vegan cupcakes from Cupcake Station in Ann Arbor...the ones with the coffee flavored icing were insane.

A huge thank you to Angela, Jodi, Elizabeth, Michelle, Andree, Janet, Wendy, Sheena, Lisa and her husband Tony, Cheryl, and Diana for coming out. You were all so sweet and I really enjoyed learning a little about each of you. I look forward to seeing you on the site and I do hope you all start a Detroit area Vegan Potluck!!!


i got blogged about!

well, not ME entirely. but i was involved hahah.

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a day in detroit
Posted by Alicia Silverstone on Sep 30, 2010


Recently, I went with Kind Lifer Lisa to the Arts, Beats, and Eats festival of bands and artists in Detroit. I found one artist I loved, Urban Landscapes Pottery's Laura Macntyre and I bought 4 bowls from her.


I'm so happy because I've been meaning to buy soup bowls for two years, and now I can cross it off my list. I really like them - perfect size for nabe yaki udon from my book, or for any large soup. I was so happy to find this perfect size!


Then we went to Royal Oak, as suggested by Kind Lifer Shannon Hall who told us to go to a crepe spot What Crepe - they have vegan crepes if you ask. Our waitress was vegan too, and she recommended a crepe, filled with avocado, sundried tomatoes, asparagus, spinach, mushrooms, and an orange jalepeno sauce....delicious!!! Then we shared a crazy one with chocolate, bananas, pecans, and ice cream...we went nuts clearly! I'm not sure I ultimately made the best dessert combo - don't get me wrong, it was good....but the savory crepe was delicious and I would love to have that again and again.

savory crepe

Our waitress also recommended the apple pie crepe, done vegan. But Lisa and I weren't feeling apple pie. Lisa came up with an idea for blueberry agave and banana - maybe next time, since you can build your own crepes!

Dessert Crepe

We both left with headaches from the sugar. It was fun for a second and I'd do it again, but maybe a crepe with strawberries, fresh bananas, and pecans, but no ice cream or chocolate - a super yummy, no-headache dessert, with maybe a tiny drizzle of agave to top it off.

Has anyone been there and had the perfect combo for a sweet crepe, or do you have any other vegan crepe combo you can recommend?