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a day in detroit
Posted by Alicia Silverstone on Sep 30, 2010


Recently, I went with Kind Lifer Lisa to the Arts, Beats, and Eats festival of bands and artists in Detroit. I found one artist I loved, Urban Landscapes Pottery's Laura Macntyre and I bought 4 bowls from her.


I'm so happy because I've been meaning to buy soup bowls for two years, and now I can cross it off my list. I really like them - perfect size for nabe yaki udon from my book, or for any large soup. I was so happy to find this perfect size!


Then we went to Royal Oak, as suggested by Kind Lifer Shannon Hall who told us to go to a crepe spot What Crepe - they have vegan crepes if you ask. Our waitress was vegan too, and she recommended a crepe, filled with avocado, sundried tomatoes, asparagus, spinach, mushrooms, and an orange jalepeno sauce....delicious!!! Then we shared a crazy one with chocolate, bananas, pecans, and ice cream...we went nuts clearly! I'm not sure I ultimately made the best dessert combo - don't get me wrong, it was good....but the savory crepe was delicious and I would love to have that again and again.

savory crepe

Our waitress also recommended the apple pie crepe, done vegan. But Lisa and I weren't feeling apple pie. Lisa came up with an idea for blueberry agave and banana - maybe next time, since you can build your own crepes!

Dessert Crepe

We both left with headaches from the sugar. It was fun for a second and I'd do it again, but maybe a crepe with strawberries, fresh bananas, and pecans, but no ice cream or chocolate - a super yummy, no-headache dessert, with maybe a tiny drizzle of agave to top it off.

Has anyone been there and had the perfect combo for a sweet crepe, or do you have any other vegan crepe combo you can recommend?

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