birthday and wednesday.

last week was my birthday. i woke up at 6:23. i played a game of bingo on my phone and won 23rd place. went to lunch and my bill came to $23.32. my sister in law texted me at 6:23 to wish me a happy birthday...i saw (and replied) to the text at 6:32.

this number will just not leave!

a day later my coworker called me and said my ex was calling the salon trying to find out when i work. "which ex??"...long story short it was ed.. needing a favor. which was strange considering we haven't spoken in probably 7 years or so. minus the one weird awkward time we ran into each other at barnes and noble. anyway, it was interesting seeing him. i'm not sure how i feel/felt about it..i just want him to be happy.

off topic..

anyway yesterday i went to the melanoma clinic. it was a little terrifying. everything looked so different than what i've seen before. but the good news is i dont have melanoma. i have to go back next month to have a small surgery done to remove more of the area, since the cells had spread beyond what they removed first.

it's weird because i feel like i prepared myself for cancer. mentally. i was ready to take it on. as far as i was concerned i was living with cancer. so when i heard the news that i didn't have it, i was shocked. and oddly enough i was almost upset. i connected with the fact that i could be sick and now i was fine..so what was i going to do? it took me almost a full day to feel like the cancer weight had been lifted off my shoulders and now i'm feeling much better. it's amazing how powerful your mind can be!

since i didn't have to work until 5, we had extra time to kill after my appointment so we went to the holocaust memorial center. i've been wanting to go for a long time and i'm glad i finally did. it was so interesting and i learned so much. i was talking with my dad about it and we ended up in conversation about my grandpa's time in a concentration camp. it's always been hush-hush and the only thing i've known was that he was in dachau (which i was fortunate enough to visit a few years ago when i was in germany). it was nice to be able to learn more about my grandpa...since we didn't grow up in the same country i never really knew much information about him. my dad said he was there from 1940 to may 1943. can you imagine being in a concentration camp for 3 1/2 years? what a strong man...to make it out alive. i also found out WHY he was there (which i will not say here because it was uncomfortable for my dad to talk about it). he also said that he was in birkenau for part of the time as well. i have such an interesting family history and my czech side has seen so much and lived through so much that it astounds me.