i hate people

a couple weeks ago i got in an argument with a girl i work with, j. basically she still hasn't gotten over it. so saturday i pull my boss aside and tell her i dont know how to deal with monday because we work together. so i guess at the end of the day on saturday j went up to my boss and said she was afraid to work with me on mondays because it's just us two. she said that when we got in the argument i "poked" her or "touched" her or something. so my boss called me today saying we needed to talk.

so basically i'm getting the feeling that my boss is believing j over me. which is total bullshit because i never fucking touched her. i told my boss that yes, i did point at her, but i also pointed at myself. i also did a lot of other things with my fucking hands because i use my hands a lot every time i talk. so now my boss wants all three of us to sit down and work this out and i dont even want to. i'm fucking done. i'm sick of everyone starting rumors and i'm sick of all the people that work there that are back stabbers and liars.

will it be different at another salon? or am i just not cut out to do hair because of all the drama that comes with it? i seriously dont know what to do here. i only have one other salon i could get a job at...because i really want to stay with aveda and there aren't that many aveda salons around here. i just feel lost and hurt and confused. i want this to be over. i feel like if i go back to what i used to do, then i'm wasting $10,000 that i owe for beauty school. i just feel so fucked right now.