At the flip of a switch…

I will be good, all day, chillin’ and happy and getting back on track and feeling good. The smallest thing like a photo, or comment, and I’m feeling sad and sorry for myself.
Why are there certain people I obsess over? It’s getting old and I don’t know why my brain is being a creep. I either obsess over how great someone is or how much I wish I could be like someone or how much time I want to spend with someone or why isn’t this person writing me back or why does this person not want to be my friend anymore. Its coming more and more obvious that the “lone ranger” I once was is starting to crave some attention. I’m getting lonely so the first person that comes along I need need NEED. Or the people I used to hang out with all the time I am super jealous of for the dumbest shit.
Stop it! Let it go! People are busy. Just like you are sometimes. Give people space. Give yourself space. There is nothing wrong with you just fucking chill.the.fuck.out.

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