(things are) hopefully getting back to normal

basically, tony and i have been having some problems lately. we've spent the past month or so trying to figure something out that works. anyway, yesterday he decided to take the day off. we had a whole day date and it was really, really nice.

after pancakes for breakfast we drove to the ann arbor conservatory.

haven't been there in close to two years and it was really pretty! it was awesome to be in engulfed in warm air for a few hours!

then we stopped at zingermans for lunch. it was delicious. i looove that place. went to a couple shops, got a rino zipper pull, and on the way home stopped at the bakery for some vegan ding dongs. i wish i knew how to make the creme filling they use! it's fluffy and sticky and marshmallowy. i am going to have to try to make my own! we also found this really cool jewelry shop in ann arbor right in kerrytown. they had beautiful stones and tony bought me an amber ring. it's amazing. in fact, the whole day was amazing. it was the first time in a long time where things felt like they always used to feel. i hope that means there are more of those days to come!

i have also told tony i would look for a therapist. which is what i need to do right at this moment. i work at noon and tomorrow i work all day and i need to get it done this week. bleh. wish me luck!

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