right now i'm watching swingers

i haven't seen this movie in forever and everyone looks super young.

we had a good weekend..pretty much hung out with matt and rachelle. went to inn season for dinner saturday night. it was really good. i haven't been there in at least three years and it was delicious but expensive. sunday we went with them to a dinosaur museum! i love dinosaurs and it was really interesting and fun.

there was a lot of cool skeletons of lots of different prehistoric animals. there was also some other random things...like this "collage" of bugs. if you just glanced at it, it looked like some kind of artwork. but if you looked up close it was spiders and beetles and bats and butterflies and moths. it was totally creepy!
see? weird..
upstairs from the dino exhibit we went to space.
it was a good day/weekend. busy but fun. i was feeling a little weird on sunday but that does tend to happen. my moods are always up and down lately. but it was still nice to hang out with good friends!

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