i have six doctors appointments this month

not fun. a few of them are chiropractor appts, one is my normal doctor, one is my neurologist, and the one i'm most anxious over is my shrink. i start therapy on tuesday. i'm nervous but excited...she practices cognitive behaveral therapy and i'm curious to see how i react with it. i suppose i shall soon find out....

jay isn't doing so well. since thursday he's been lethargic and not really eatting. tony fed him some of frogwaard's bloodworms friday and saturday, but that's all he's eatten and it's not much. a few minutes ago he was fucking upside down in the corner of the tank, just sitting there. sounds to me like he's got swim bladder or something, but there's not really anything you can do about it. i hope he makes it...i can't bare to lose another fishy!!

when we got to mattawan last night we headed over to shawn & jen's house. he's been out of town all week and didn't feel like going out anywhere so we just chilled at their house. i stopped at the store and they didn't have any beer i like so i decided to surprise jen with a trip down memory lane...and i purchashed a bottle of strawberry boone's farm. DELISH! hahaha. i'm not used to drinking something so sweet and by the time the bottle was gone i had a mild upset stomach.

either way, we have fun playing cards and talking. jen had just bought a deck of uno cards from the flea market. they were obviously not real uno cards! they were weird feeling and really thin. there was also a blank one so i decided to make my own card. good times, good times! sometimes i really miss hanging out with my family.

and i also miss this little cutie pie! rain has gotten so cuddly and sweet i just love her! it just makes me sad that she's deaf and ends up getting hurt all the time.

it's actually really strange...she wags her tail so much and it's so forceful that she constantly splits her tail open and her white fur ends up splattered in red!

so today was alyssa's 2nd birthday. i ended up napping during cake and presents (oops!) so i have no photos. i went to their house early to give haircuts to shawn and caleb.

bless him...he's such a doll but he used to HATE me because i did hair. he was terrified of it for some reason and wouldn't come near me. shawn has always used clippers to cut his hair and recently he expressed a huge dislike for the noise of the clippers and didn't want his hair cut. last time i was in town he shockingly let me cut his hair with scissors. i didn't have mine on me so i had to use some shitty pair that my mom had lying around. it was annoying but while i was cutting his hair he wanted to look in a mirror and he kept telling me what a good job i was doing and how much he liked his hair. so fucking cute! so today was no different. he was excited because i brought a cape for him to wear. he told me he wanted to keep it for next time i cut his hair. i love my family so much!!

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