a very sad passing

i spent the weekend at my parents house, and came home to a shocking, horribly sad newsletter attached to my door.

our postman, whom we haven't seen around since sometime in november, was murdered while trying to stop a burglary in his mother's house in detroit. i am beyond words..marcus was such a kind man. every day i saw him he would have a huge smile on his face, laughing loudly, or talking to any of the neighbors. dexter would bark at him and instead of shying away he worked with me every single time i saw him and got dexter to stop. his kindness and good energy will be missed.

i had a little gift for him with a note attached. i've had it sitting by the front door since november. i wanted to give it to him for christmas as a thank you for being so amazing and always having a smile on his face. i hope he knows how much he will be missed and how much of an impact he had on people that he met.

read the article here.

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