i'm a day dreamer

today was my first day helping out at the yoga shelter. honestly, it made me miss my old jobs...office type jobs, filing, paperwork, etc. sounds weird, i'm sure. after i was done sara, steve and i were finalizing stuff and steve made mention "not promising anything" but maybe after i'm done paying off my debt from training, then maybe they will just pay me to do stuff. that would be awesome. i was seriously so happy to hear that. i know it's not set in stone but i really like having that as an option. as it is, i just like to be there anyway.

on my way home i started daydreaming about my future..me doing hair and doing office stuff at the shelter ..maybe even some desktop publishing stuff like i used to do..and feeling like my life was perfect...so perfect that i literally started getting tears in my eyes. snap out of it! i feel like everything is falling into place and i couldn't be happier. and i'm in no hurry because i know in good time the right things will happen at the right time.

then i got to thinking about how completely grateful i am for my past. with out all my ups and downs i would NOT be where i am right now. i would not be WHO i am right now. how incredible is it that everything has come to this? this very exact moment RIGHT NOW!!



mel said...

this is my first visit to your blog, and wow, what an uplifting post to find straight away. i'm not sure what got you to this point, but all the best to you and congrats! it's lovely to see such joy :)

ieatmodestmouse said...

thanks for the note mel! if you end up reading back there has been a lot that has gotten me to this point!!!

i just took a quick peek at your blog and i cant WAIT to look more when i've got more than just a minute! love finding new blogs that i know i will love!!