dinner party

so last friday we got invited for dinner by our friends fidel and heather. we don't see them often enough, that's for sure. fidel is one of the most kind people i have ever met. he's active in the detroit scene, volunteers a lot, and always helps his friends out. i don't know heather as much as fidel, but after friday i realize she's so funny and sweet! tony and i have very similar lifestyles as them, and it made for a fun evening! they were nice enough to make a gluten-free/sugar-free meal for me (they are both vegetarian). they also invited over their friends zach and julia. zach is a local musician. julia is, well, exactly like me! we were shocked at all of our similarities! she used to do hair, for aveda as well, until she got these horrible shoulder problems (now she wears a brace). she's vegan. she's really into yoga (although she can't do it anymore) and nutrition. honestly it was crazy! i would say something and she'd be like "me too!!". it was the first time where i had found that connection with a girl. so awesome! although we didn't exchange contact info or anything, so i don't know if i'll ever see her again! but it was so great to be around like-minded people for the evening!

anyway, dinner was delicious. heather and fidel made black bean soup. had a great salad, chips, hummus, and veggies. and fruit salad for dessert. i brought some GF/SF cookies and julia and zach brought chocolate covered strawberries.

we all had so much fun and great conversation! it has inspired tony and myself to start hosting dinners like this with our friends! although, it'd be easier if we had more veggie friends!

we were at ikea the other day and found this amazing table. it just looks like an end table with drawers and then each side folds out to make a big table! so we are thinking of getting that since we don't have a proper kitchen table right now. that way we can just fold it up when it's not being used, since we dont have a whole lot of room!!

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