2009 in photos

2009 brought so many fantastic things. I am blessed to have the experiences I had, and to have been put on the journey I was on this past year.

At the beginning of the year, there was lots of time with new friends, and old friends.

In march we got a chance to go to the dinosaur exhibit!

Tony took me on a well-needed date to the ann arbor conservatory.

We got a new addition to the tank, rip frogwaard!

Fell in love with this little sweetheart all over again.

Found time to reflect and enjoy nature.

Got my favorite hair EVER.

April came and I got my motorcycle license!

Played with tare panda as much as possible. Rest in peace little one!

Bought my little scoot scoot!

In may I took a physical journey. Not knowing what I’d find but hoping it’d be good! Flew down to florida for a week of relaxation, meditation, and grounding. This was one of the best things I could have ever done for myself.

While I was there I reunited with an old friend,

met my spirit guide,

and ate some of the best sushi I’ve ever had!

Shortly after I got back I found out I had developed candida. From there on out my life would be changed forever! I had to drastically change my diets and my habits. Thankfully, red pepper deli was there to save me!

Took a trip to the zoo where I admitted I had a thing for cute animal butts!

Ended up in ohio with my family at cedar point for a weekend of fun!

And found myself in the metro times!

June came and I took some more alone time in nature.

Said goodbye to our favorite place, 5th ave.

Started rekindling our romance at the fireworks.

And Played with baby frogs on our anniversary.

In july we finally got around to fixing up our kitchen.

Had some fun with kickball!

And Filled our month with picnics!

August was exciting! Got to see one of my favorite musicians perform for the second time! And got some inspiration as well.

Took a family trip to the zoo!

And played in the sprinkler on the hottest day of the year!

Celebrated my nephew’s 5th birthday in an inflatable castle!

Regina spektor came in September

Celebrated my bff’s bday as well

Family bonding after drinks!

And a well needed trip to the beach!

And I discovered my love for yoga!!

Hanging in the nature

With my love

Landing that pose for the first time! (something I never thought I could do!)

Warming up at chilifest

My weekend of birthday celebrations!

And of course, Halloween!

In November we celebrated tony’s birthday

I got my tattoo finished

And I tried to make a pie (and failed!)

Made an incredible Thanksgiving dinner

and wished Hans a safe move, even though we were sad to see him go!

In December we put the tree up

Did some shopping

And tony built a shed!

Went home for Christmas

Got to play with our niece too!

Times got a bit rough for a while. Though out the entire year it was definitely a struggle. I lost my grandpa and miss him dearly. I quit taking my medication after horrible withdrawls, but haven't had issues since. My relationship almost ended but we came back stronger than ever.

All in all, it was a very good year!

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