i hate cell phones/sprint

two weeks. still a broken phone. no one knows what is going on with it. very frustrating.

i'm currently avoiding doing my homework that my therapist gave me. so unmotivated.

i go to 5th ave every thursday nite. have been for over a year. developed some great friendships there. last night was the last time they were opened. it was extremely sad. i dont even want to think about it. so it was an ok night...met some cool people, said "later" to some great people, and tried to be cheery as hard as it was. it was pretty much hard on everyone.

kat, joey, and me. joey is one of our faves.

also, while i had kat's camera i found this gem from last month:

seriously, how great was my hair?! i gotta say, i do miss it like that. i'm getting bored with what i have now...hmmmmmm. maybe it's time for a change!

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