damn it feels good to be a gangsta

i love being able to speak my mind. express my feelings, get things off my chest, etc. i feel like i have my friends back. it was very hard for me to say certain things to certain people, but communication is huge. and thankfully my friends felt comfortable enough to open up to me and communicate their feelings to me.

life is good.

kat and i went out last nite. had an awesome time. met some cool people. she met some guy from the wings that she's in love with and he ended up being super cool. i'm so proud of her that she put her insecurities aside and approached him on her own!! i broke down and had a beer last night too. it was fucking delicious! it's been almost six weeks and i just dont want to live my life depriving myself of things that i enjoy. and i gotta tell ya, my health has not suffered from that one little beer today. so i think i'm good to go!

there are a couple sites that i've really been enjoying lately. one being thoughts become things. the website is based on the premise that "
thoughts become things... choose the good ones!" if you sign up for their daily emails, you receive "notes from the universe". they are cute and inspiring and i really love getting them every day.

also, paperbackswap is awesome. i'm addicted. basically, you swap books. i've sent out seven books this week. which means i will get seven credits towards other members books that i will get for free. it's such a great concept and being the avid book-reader that i am, it works perfectly for me. i keep the books i love and want to keep in my collection, and i get rid of the ones that didn't do anything for me. could there be anything better??

loving you more today than yesterday,

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