on living.

i've been really trying to live lately. do the things i want to do, when i want to do them. i wont live forever, so what am i waiting for?

i have done a great job filling my days with newness. i'm still trying to find myself but at almost 34 (in a month from today) lets hope i'm almost there. just trying to be ok with where i'm at, right now, no matter what that is.

i bought a bike (moto) last week and i've been riding every day. she's beautiful and i'm so happy! it'd be nice to find some people with the same interests and who want to ride sometime. this time of year it's pretty chilly out but maybe next spring i'll get more involved. all i know is i'm hooked. from the first time i rode my dad's v star i knew.

i saw my bike in a documentary about really living...(a moto trip in the himalayan mountains in india). i wanted this bike...the style, the color... everything. after learning to ride (thanks bro!!) i check into a local dealership and they can get me my bike...and there is one left in the WHOLE WORLD. it took almost 2 weeks to be delivered and i've been on her ever since. love at first sight...

all this along with actually doing shit is making me feel happy. more confident and i feel like i'm really starting to know what really matters in life. it's not about what you have or what you wear..that's for damn sure.

and i'm also sure as shit over begging the same friends to hang out. after being turned down time and time again..what the hell am i asking for? you either want to be friends or you dont. if you do, awesome...act like it. if not, spare me this dragging out process and just cut me free. what i've realized lately is that i'm not looking for friends....i'm looking for FAMILY. and family comes in all shapes and sizes but one thing is for sure...family supports you, loves you and cares for you. no matter what.

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