this is...

just like when you have to take a shit and you hold it in and you get a stomach ache because you wont just GO
. . . . .
it's the same as holding verbal diarrhea in.
sometimes you need to bleh bleh
all over the place.
holding shit in makes your fucking stomach hurt. you get cramps, you are in pain.
you are busy, you know, doing something...so busy that you cant take a few minutes out of your day to just sit in peace and POOP.
do you have any idea how unhealthy this is?
you. YES, YOU!
now i'm not saying you should just fucking let loose and have it spew all over. but it also isn't good to keep it all locked up.

but still, there has to be an appropriate way to dispose of such things, right??

too much thinking and not enough doing.

if i could give you a piece of my mind i would. this is supposed to sound ruff and tough
i dont think i want you to think that i could care though.

when you're sliding into first and you feel a great big burst diarrhea


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