so many things!

i've been unbelievably busy this month. between going out of town every other weekend, working, and doing my normal home things, i recently came in contact with alicia silverstone. well, not her herself...let me explain.

i follow alicia's blog. she's vegan and came out with a cookbook and i bought it and every since then i've been a huge fan. she is currently in detroit filming a movie. a couple weeks ago she posted something on her blog asking for helpers in detroit. originally it was food related. i wrote and said i was super interested. never heard anything back. yesterday i got an email from alicia's assistant, megan, saying that plans changed and they needed helpers to help alicia run lines/take her places/random things/etc. and that if i was still interested in helping them to let her know. so of course i emailed back and said i'd be willing to do anything. i just want to help out! i met up with megan tonite and we talked about everything. ended up chilling for about two hours. she's soo nice and fun and i cannot wait to help! she basically told me that since i'm helping out they want to help me out by having me doing things that benefit me. so if i want to be an extra, or watch hair/makeup, or anything else to just let them know. she thought maybe i could take alicia out to a restaurant i really like and stuff like that. this is insane!! so yeah, real excited to see what happens with this! she's in town till the end of september. and on sunday we are all hanging out!


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