today was amazing

i dont even have time to get into it right now, but so much greatness happened in my little world.
hopefully i'll have time to sit down this weekend and really get to appreciate all that has happened and all that i have.

this is really what love is!


You Are My Fave said...

What happened? I'm dying to know. I'm glad it was a good day for you.

ieatmodestmouse said...

ya know, i should have wrote everything down! i know that i met my mom to go shopping. then i met up with an old friend at his workplace. i had a work meeting that evening and everyone had great communication (which doesn't happen much in a salon!) and we watched a video about the people in Nepal that make Aveda paper for our holiday packages. it was inspiring! i guess my "good day" wasn't necessarily about what i did that day, but the love the i felt from everyone!