it's my birthday

i'm officially 30.

there have been mixed feelings this week. partially because a certain someone that i used to be close to told me that things would be different. unfortunately we dont talk anymore. which is why there are mixed feelings...

regardless, my send-off into the 30s was incredible.

one of my clients/friends asked me out for drinks on wednesday. she's really awesome. we had a ton of fun. she is just like me but much prettier. so glad i decided to go!

last night i went to the mixx and then to dirty martini with a small group. the killer flamingos announced my birthday SEVERAL times so everyone kept coming up and getting me drinks so that was fun. they dedicated songs to me too! i couldn't even begin to get into details of the night but i'm so grateful for my friends for making me feel so special.

i'll be meeting up for lunch with some people at seva!!!!! can't wait! then for dinner meeting my bro and the rest of the family. drinks at the best bar ever (ashleys). i hope my body can handle more beer! tomorrow i'm going out too. four nights in a row is going to be rough!


White Collar Boy said...

you went to mixx? I am soooo jealous! Lucky.

ieatmodestmouse said...

i hope you're kidding! do you really like it there?? hah