the universe works in mysterious ways. and other updates.

i didn't have to work all weekend. it was nice to have three days off in a row.

i have this friend, brian, who i haven't heard from since late 2007. this is a common thing to happen with us...this talking/not talking. anyway, he was the first person i met that i realized i was soul-connected to. we always had this great bond and connection. i've known him since i was 17 i think. anyway, from 2004 to 2007 we had constant communication. he had a terrible accident and was hit by a semi, leaving him brain damaged (i found out in 2004). from then on i think we realized we'd have to try better to stay in touch...we'd write and call and all that. i witnessed him slow-talking, with no real memory of certain things..growing and changing to the brian that i remember when we first met. he started processing things again, verbalizing better, and remember the little things that people should never be able to forget. 2007 was when i got my last letter from him. he lost his phone, his email, and apparently the ability to write back to me! ;) i still wrote him anyway. updating him on what was going on with me and all. sometime this year i started getting really worried. i felt like something wasn't right and i started looking in the obituary to see if something had happened to him or his parents. i found nothing so i had to assume that everything was ok.

well, on friday i decided to call his old phone number. every time i've called it before there was no one to pick up...no answering machine or voice mail. but i tried again friday and after SEVERAL rings, i was about to hang up when a boy answered the phone. he, of course, told me "wrong number" but i did think it was interesting that after two years of calling the same number sporadically i finally got someone. but that's not the weird part.

i figured after that it was obviously not the correct phone number so i could finally get rid of it and never try again. and that i would try one last letter.

tony and i decided to work on our kitchen this weekend. saturday we started painting and all that, and sometime during the day i get a text message. it's from brian. wishing me a happy 4th.

i dont think i will ever understand all the synchronicitys that happen in life. but i do get that feeling that things are supposed to happen for a certain reason. sometimes i just wish i knew what the purpose was...either way, i'm lucky to have them happen to me!

in other updates, i mentioned that we worked on the kitchen this weekend. well, it's almost done. just a couple little things here and there. i loooove it. i want to spend all my time in there.



i look at it and i cant believe it's finally done. i've wanted to redo the kitchen for a looong time. i'm so glad it turned out so nicely!!

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