i started crying at the grocery store while trying to find something to eat for this diet.
the vitamins alone are going to make me broke.

i wish vitamins were covered by insurance!

have to stop thinking about food like i live for it. or else i will never get past this frustration.

i haven't meditated since i've been back from florida. i feel out of whack.

my spirit guide is an elephant. this guy walked right over to me while at the zoo from across his area. stayed and hung out for almost ten minutes! i wish i could go back to that...


White Collar Boy said...

what type of vitamins are you trying to get? I've found that if you hit up the right sales on gnc.com, you can get some decently-priced vitapaks.

ieatmodestmouse said...

digestive enzymes and shit like that. acidophilious...shit's expensive!