i just had the most incredible session

i feel like i have learned so much about myself in the past hour.

i talked to my therapist about my reiki/chakra cleanse. i told her of the man's silhouette and of the red elephant. she gave me information about the red elephant stuff..i have to look more into it! she taught me a healing meditation. next week she's going to teach me a grounding meditation. during the healing meditation i was brought to tears. she wanted me to figure out who the man was that i saw in my in cleanse on sunday. and i figured out it was adam. it was surreal to have that sort of epiphany. and also to realize that if i did a healing meditation i could find out so much information that may be in hiding. AND also to have him come to me during a time of need to help guide me. it's such a crazy, crazy feeling...i can't even explain it..

she also told me that i am an empath. and that i need to take other's emotions as information instead of storing them as my own. she wants me to start a journal just for her and i. she'll be giving me
homework every time i see her. next week i go twice...to jumpstart this whole process. i'm overwhelmed but also so very excited to see what's to come!

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