things suck/quick update

1. my cousin, his wife, and their two 21 year-old twin boys came to visit for the month of june. it was fun and nice to see my czech side after so many years. the last time i was in czech was 15 years ago. looks like i will be returning, finally, in 2010.

2. i have been having health problems and no one seems to know what's wrong. i go back to the doctor, again, after another series of blood tests to see if they can find some answers. so far they think i have fibromyalgia. i think that is a made-up "disease" and i have convinced myself i have leukemia.

3. i found out a couple weeks ago that i am bipolar. yippee. lets throw a party.

4. my mother and i are going to see rod stewart on wednesday. i never thought this moment would come, but now it's finally here and i dont really seem to care.

5. two close friends of ours are getting married friday. i hope it's fun and of course a good time. i'm really happy for them.

6. i have agreed to go to my 10-year high school reunion this saturday. my brother and his wife have conned me into going and now i am dreading it. what the fuck did i get myself into??

7. my best friend is in chicago for the weekend and i got a text message from her saturday nite telling me she missed me and every song she heard at the bar reminded her of me. then i got on myspace today and she wrote on her profile "so...i'm moving to chicago". must not miss me that much! i think i would feel like my heart got ripped out if she moved.

8. we bought a tempur-pedic mattress on wednesday and i am in love.

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White Collar Boy said...

You don't care about Rod Stewart. Ummm, wait till you see him in concert again. He'll wash all your worries away.