the days are just dragging

i cannot wait for this weather to mellow out. the snow one day/50 degree one day back-and-forth is really wearing on me.

soon we are getting rid of our cable. we think it will motivate us to actually starting DOing things again.

i have a whole lot of fun festivals and art shows to keep us busy this spring and summer. hopefully they will all be worth going to. i guess it's what you make it..

this month i will be focusing on cardio. last month was all pilates. yesterday was my first day and i'm sore! mainly my calf area but that is to be expected since i have bad calfs.

my grandpa went to the doctor a little while ago and is in full remission! that is the best news of the year so far.

i am dying to see my family. i miss alyssa and caleb so much it hurts. they are growing up so quick without me around and i just want to play with them! soon enough...alyssa turns one this weekend so i will be going "home" the weekend after. it will be nice to see everyone and spend some time with my family.

i have been dreaming (sleeping and not) of playing soccer. it's literally killing me. i want to play so bad. i wish i had a friend here that played. or i wish my brothers lived closer and we could play on an indoor team. i dont think i could do it all alone!!

i think i will be able to pay off my credit card bill by next month. lordy, i hope so. then i can really start paying off my student loans AND saving some other money up just because. vacation money or something.

i have family from czech coming here in june. we have a lot planned and i'm excited! they will be here for almost a whole month!

ok. work time!

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